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Seeing road maintenance and infrastructure throughout the community is very positive. Construction means investment, innovation and development which catapults economic ad-vancement. This blog outlines ways that project managers can ensure a safe environment for  both employees and passersby. Construction sites can be very hazardous, following these safety tips will ensure your project runs smoothly, with no delays, injuries or lawsuits.

Fighting Fire
Given the nature of construction sites, it is no wonder why fires can easily occur. Working with lots of machinery, tools and temporary heating appliances, it is essential to have fire preventative measurements at every turn. This includes having extinguishers and fire blankets readily available, proper ventilation and employee training.

Cleanup the Clutter
Make sure all dust and debris is properly cleaned, tools are in an orderly fashion and hazard-ous materials are stored away correctly. Having a lot of clutter in your work site can create fire, electrical or tripping hazards. Giving the area a quick sweep and keeping equipment in order will help the workers be more efficient throughout the entire project.

Weather Watching
Living in Canada exposes us to changing and sometimes harsh weather conditions. Monitoring the weather forecast can help prevent a construction disaster, allowing you to adequately prepare your site for what storm might be rolling in. Harsh winds, rain or snow can cause scaffolding to collapse, roofs to cave in, or possibly stop production all together. Have adequate insurance, make sure your scaffolding is stable, and keep one eye on the weather!

Sufficient Signage
Having proper signage can help keep the workers and general public safe. To avoid injury or liability claims, make sure there are plenty of signs providing direction. This includes required personal protective equipment, exit signs and designated areas that can be extra hazardous. Also include signs that clearly show where the main office is to avoid visitors wandering around.

Proper Planning
Preparing a safety plan is beneficial for a number of reasons. It will help the job run smoothly, prevent accidents and often, they are transferrable from job to job. Outlined in the safety plan should be security, cleaning, fire prevention, weather events and a routine safety check. Not only will this provide you with peace of mind and efficiency, it gives your insurance company confidence that you’re operating a safe site.

Think about ways to improve your current safety plan, and if you don’t have one, make one! Let us know what other important safety tips you practice by commenting below! Safety is a priority, not an option.

Visit our website to view our product catalogue of signage that will make your construction site safer! Proper direction is helpful to everyone. 

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Mike Jennings
September 21, 2015
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